2022 Spring Collaboration Meeting



Bobby Besuner (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) , Colin Bischoff (University of Cincinnati)

The primary focus of this meeting is on preparation of our Analysis of Alternatives for the funding agencies and preparations for Snowmass 2022.  In addition, we will cover topics that cut across the Collaboration and the Project, meaning the bulk of the agenda consists of plenary sessions.

Please familiarize yourself with the meeting code of conduct and respect it in all venues.

Meeting session topics are described below:

Opening Session:  Welcome, logistical info, overview of meeting priorities, presentation from the Project Director.

Collaboration Updates:  Updates from Collaboration committees as per agenda.

Collaboration Values:  A workshop that defines and prioritizes shared collaboration values.

Radio Frequency Interference:  The current status of RFI studies for CMB-S4. Includes discussion with agency representatives about spectrum managements

Education and Public Outreach:  Update the collaboration on Education and Public Outreach efforts. Present plans for future work and explain how collaboration members can contribute.   Followed by a townhall with NSF and DOE representatives.

Technical Updates:  1:  Updates of current work in each of the L2 technical groups and explain how this fits into the overall project systems engineering.  2:  Include presentations on cross-cutting efforts that did not fit into the L2 updates: Performance Margin, Common Technologies, Calibration Plans/Hardware, DRM Production/Testing.

Analysis of Alternatives Status and Plans:  Update the collaboration on the current status and goals of the Analysis of Alternatives. Outline the configurations for different distributions of hardware at the Chile and South Pole sites, their scientific reach, budgetary and infrastructure requirements.   Highlight aspects of the Analysis of Alternatives that need additional input from the collaboration. Describe the process and timeline that will lead to a conclusion for the AoA.

Systematics:  Provide an update on current efforts to study systematics for CMB-S4. Explain the goals, requirements, and upcoming deadlines for systematics studies. Highlight opportunities for involvement.

Data Challenges:  Describe the status and features of Data Challenge 1. Explain the purpose of this data challenge and the role of the analysis working groups in using the simulations. Outline the goals of Data Challenge 2 and solicit input for desired features.

Analysis Working Group Updates:  Explain any refinements to the CMB-S4 science case that have been made in the PBDR, and plans for future Science Book updates. Include status updates from each of the Analysis Working Groups. Highlight opportunities to get involved.

Snowmass Preparation:  Provide an overview of submitted white papers that are relevant for CMB-S4. Explain upcoming Snowmass activities. Describe how collaboration members can help to make this process successful.

Transients and Foregrounds:  Provide updates on the science and technical requirements for transient science. Describe recent activity on foreground modeling and how this should be used in science forecasting and/or project designs.

Code of Conduct

  • Abigail Crites
  • Abigail Vieregg
  • Adrian Lee
  • Adélie Gorce
  • Agustin Romero
  • Akito Kusaka
  • Alec Hryciuk
  • Alessandro Schillaci
  • Alexandra Rahlin
  • Alyssa Johnson
  • Amy Bender
  • Andrea Zonca
  • Anirban Roy
  • Anthony Challinor
  • Anthony Huber
  • Antony Stark
  • Arefe Abghari
  • Arianna Rizzieri
  • Aritoki Suzuki
  • Baptiste Jost
  • Benjamin Saliwanchik
  • Benjamin Schmitt
  • Benjamin Wallisch
  • Bobby Besuner
  • Bradford Benson
  • Brandon Hensley
  • Brian Koopman
  • Bruce Partridge
  • Bryan Steinbach
  • Cail Daley
  • Carlo Baccigalupi
  • Caterina Umilta
  • Cesiley King
  • Chang Feng
  • Charles Lawrence
  • Chihway Chang
  • Christian Reichardt
  • Christos Giannakopoulos
  • Clara Vergès
  • Clément Leloup
  • Colin Bischoff
  • Colin Hill
  • Cooper Jacobus
  • Cora Dvorkin
  • Cosmin Deaconu
  • Cyndia Yu
  • Cynthia Trendafilova
  • Daan Meerburg
  • Daisuke Nagai
  • Daniel Green
  • Daniel Grin
  • Darcy Barron
  • David Goldfinger
  • Dominic Beck
  • Don Mitchell
  • Donald Zito
  • Donna Kubik
  • Doug Johnstone
  • Douglas Scott
  • Elena Pierpaoli
  • Eleonora Di Valentino
  • Ellen Childress Bechtol
  • Ely Kovetz
  • Emma Hand
  • Eric Hivon
  • Eric Linder
  • Erik Nichols
  • Evan Grohs
  • Federico Bianchini
  • Federico Nati
  • Felipe Maldonado
  • Felipe Menanteau
  • Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine
  • Frederick Matsuda
  • Gabriela Marques
  • Gensheng Wang
  • Gil Holder
  • Giuseppe Puglisi
  • Grant Teply
  • Gregg Thayer
  • Gregory Tucker
  • Gunther Haller
  • Hamza El Bouhargani
  • Han Aung
  • Ian Birdwell
  • Jacques Delabrouille
  • Jae Hwan Kang
  • James Bartlett
  • Jamie Bock
  • Jatila van der Veen
  • Jean-Baptiste Melin
  • Jeff McMahon
  • Jeff Zivick
  • Jeffrey Filippini
  • Jesse Treu
  • Jill Gomez
  • Joaquin Vieira
  • Joe Saba
  • Joel Meyers
  • Johanna Nagy
  • John Carlstrom
  • John Corlett
  • John Hood
  • John Kovac
  • John Ruhl
  • Josquin Errard
  • Julian Borrill
  • Julien Carron
  • Juliet Crowell
  • Kam Arnold
  • Karthik Prabhu
  • Kasey Wagoner
  • Katie Harrington
  • Ken Ganga
  • Kenny Lau
  • Kevin Huffenberger
  • Kimberly Boddy
  • Kimmy Wu
  • Kirit Karkare
  • Laura Newburgh
  • Lauren Saunders
  • Lindsay Lowry
  • Lindsey Bleem
  • Lloyd Knox
  • Louis Legrand
  • Magdy Morshed
  • Marcelo Alvarez
  • Marco Raveri
  • Margaret Ikape
  • Marharyta Lisovenko
  • Marilena Loverde
  • Marion Dierickx
  • Mark Halpern
  • Martin White
  • Martina Gerbino
  • Mathieu Remazeilles
  • Matthaeus Leitner
  • Matthew Petroff
  • Matthew Young
  • Matthieu Tristram
  • Mauricio Pilleux
  • Michael Brown
  • Mike Peel
  • Moritz Münchmeyer
  • Murdock Gilchriese
  • Natalie Roe
  • Neelima Sehgal
  • Nicholas Battaglia
  • Nicholas Galitzki
  • Nils Halverson
  • Noah Sailer
  • Paul Grimes
  • Paul Williams
  • Pete Barry
  • Phil Lubin
  • Radek Stompor
  • Raelyn Sullivan
  • Raphael Flauger
  • Reijo Keskitalo
  • Renee Hlozek
  • Riccardo Gualtieri
  • Rik Yoshida
  • Ritesh Pandohie
  • Ritoban Basu Thakur
  • Roger O'Brient
  • Salman Habib
  • Sanah Bhimani
  • Sanjaykumar Patil
  • Sara Simon
  • Sarah Shandera
  • Scott Chapman
  • scott chapman
  • Scott Paine
  • Sebastian Belkner
  • Sebastian Bocquet
  • Selim Hotinli
  • Shannon Duff
  • Shaul Hanany
  • Shawn Henderson
  • Sherese Humphrey
  • Simon Biquard
  • Simone Ferraro
  • Srinivasan Raghunathan
  • Stephen Padin
  • Susan Clark
  • Suvodip Mukherjee
  • Suzanne Nelson
  • Thejs Brinckmann
  • Thibaut Louis
  • Thomas Maccarone
  • Tom Cecil
  • Tom Crawford
  • Tom Essinger-Hileman
  • Tony Mroczkowski
  • Toshiya Namikawa
  • Volodymyr Yefremenko
  • William Jones
  • Yin-Zhe Ma
  • Yuji Chinone
  • Yuuki Omori
  • Zeeshan Ahmed
  • Zhaodi Pan
  • Zhilei Xu
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